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Gold Facial Kit

Brand: Lalas

Product code: GFK1

Now enjoy Instant Softer and Radiant skin. With its Simple, read and follow instructions You can enjoy the Luxury of instantaneous transformation of Your mundane skin to a Golden hued, softer, smoother skin. With continuous and regular use, You can now boast of ever ready to party Golden personality.

1 Lala's Gold facial Kit uses, Real Luster Gold and each of its 5 Step Constituent has been specially formulated to give You a ever Lasting Beautiful Advantage.

2 Gold Face Cleanser is enriched with Grape seeds extract, to clear skin imperfections

. 3 Gold Facial Scrub, exfoliates Yourskin, and exerts a deep feeling cleansing impact. Leaving Your pores breathing easy, and making Your skin supple and tender

. 4 Gold Facial Cream, accelerates the metabolism of Your skin, to make it healthier, younger in nature.

5 Gold Facial Gel nourishes Your skin, and leaves a golden hue, marking a perfect golden look to Your skin.

6 A never before eature, of a enriched and nourishing serum, which not only enhances your beauty, it also immunizes Your skin for possible imperfections.

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