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Nivea For Men Vitalty Shower Gel

Brand: Nivea

Product code: 4005808501113

Nivea For Men Vitalty Shower Gel


The Nivea Shower Gel for Men is a dryness repair formula that repairs your skin layer by layer all through the day, giving you smooth and fresh skin all the time. The lightly perfumed Nivea Shower Gel leaves a lingering masculine aroma that revitalises your senses. In addition, the shower gel contains special ingredients that relax your muscles when you shower, making you feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated. This shower gel is suitable for use on body, face and even your hair. Buy Nivea vitality fresh shower gel online and enjoy your shower every day.

The Nivea for Men Vitality Fresh shower gel consists of ocean minerals that cleanse your body thoroughly, provide moisturising benefits and keep your skin and hair well hydrated. The minerals rejuvenate your body and invigorate you each time you use it in shower. The gel formulation enables easy application on the body and penetrates into the skin easily, thereby enhancing the benefits. For men who want to keep dry skin at bay and enjoy the suppleness of hydrated skin, the Nivea vitality fresh shower gel men is a great product.

  Dryness Repair Formula
   Contains ocean minerals
   Equipped with Hydra IQ technology
   For Body, Face and Hair
Skin Type: Normal to Dry skin

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