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Emami Fair and Handsome Cream

Code - 8901248253116

INR- 110.00

Size - 60 ml

Color - NA

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Product Description

Emami Fair and Handsome, Fairness Cream For Men


Specially for MEN -Developed by Emami with Activor Corp, USA, to enhance fairness, makes skin firmer, younger. Helps to protect skin against pollution and dark shadows caused by shave, cuts. Mint and Vetiver for freshness and cool skin. Collagen structure of Male skin is different from that of female skin. This unique fairness creme for men contains a patented Peptide complex which effectively helps to whiten skin and improve skin smoothness, giving the skin a brighter and more luminous appearance over time.

The Unique 5 Fairness power are:- The wonder molecule penetrates tougher male epidermis to regulate melanin production. Revolutionary double power sunguards counter over exposure of male skin to sun and protect it from harmful UV Rays. Breakthrough anti- bacterial agents actively protect skin against pollution and dark shadows caused by daily shave, nicks and cuts. Sensational nutra complex relieves stress and fatigue signs. Remove dead cells and rejuvenate skin. A unique combination of refreshingly cool herbs like Vetiver, Mint, Liquorice, make skin fair and fresh with a pleasant cooling sensation.

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