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Slimex Capsule

Brand: Lalas

Product code: SC01


1 Slimex Weight Loss and diet regulatory capsule / powder works along with your body metabolism.

2. Curb excess appetite.

3. Promote fat metabolism (burning fat).

4. Inhibit the Production of fat.

5. Viciously attack and destroy excessive fat build-up.

6. Increase the breakdown of stored fat.

7. Support healthy blood Sugar levels.

8. Protect heart health during weight loss.

9. Reduce cholesterol levels.

10. Eliminate excess fat pockets.

11. Stimulate your Body’s natural fat-burning ability.

12. Optimizes energy levels to help you stay active

Dosage -

Daily capsule one / Powder one teaspoon to be taken in the morning (30min before meals) & evening (bed time) with luke warm water.

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