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Triphala Ras

Brand: Lalas

Product code: SG03



Extremely rich in vitamin C, the Triphala Juice is an entirely natural supplement. This amazing remedy would keep you healthy, because it also contains a lot of other vitamins and even iron. This herbal concoction absolutely detoxifies your body one of the many Triphala Juice benefits.

1. Remove the mucus from your lungs improving their function.

2. Purify your blood and control its sugar levels.

3. Provoke the production of more blood cells Relieve haemorrhages.

4. Boost your digestive system.

5. Help you have a clearer eye sight, cure acne.

6. Assist in curing anaemia, gall stones, gastro-intestinal conditions.

7. Make your hair stronger and brighter.

8. Promote fresh tissues formation for a more beautiful skin.

9. Help you get rid of some fats, promotes weight loss.

Dosage -

10 to 20ml twice a day with water/honey or as directed by the physician.

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