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Anti Acne Cream

Brand: Lalas

Product code: AAC54


Manage Painful Acne Pimple Care Cream with Rakta Chandan & Turmeric Extracts

Acne is a skin disorder that causes skin eruptions and inflammation. These tiny eruptions give an itchy and irritating feeling on the skin and keep spreading from one place to the other causing constant discomfort. These pimples also leave scars on the surface of the skin . Acne is a common skin disease that is related to the oil glands located on the base of the hair follicles. Lala's Anti Acne Cream is specially formulated by using active ingredients of Rakta Chandan & Turmeric. It acts as a natural astringent, and is anti microbial in nature. It acts gently on your facial skin, while clearing pimples and moisturizes your skin. It uses natural soothening agents, and provides relief from itching, irritation associated with acne. Regular use of Lala's Acne Control cream will help in effectively managing infections and inflammation, in new acne occurrences, and lesions.


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