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Aloe vera ras

Brand: Lalas

Product code: 04100017


Aloe Vera Ras a super food provides major Health Benefits :

1. Corrects digestion and keeps stomach healthy.

3. Improves immunity.2. Activates liver. v Protects Heart.

4. Cures arthritis and joint swelling.

5. Excellent for diabetic patients.

6. Heals operative and burn wounds fast.

7. Regulates mensural periods.

8. Very effective in THALASSEMIA.

9. Removes various toxins.

 . Removes various 10. Lowers high cholesterol.

11. Fights against inflammation.

12. Boosts your vitamin & mineral intake.

13. Hydrates your body. v Cures your gums.

14. Reduces acne & blemishes.

15. Improves your hair growth.

16. Alkalizes your body.

Dosage -

20 to 30ml twice a day with water or as directed by the physician .


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