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Karela Jamun Gudmar Ras

Brand: Lalas

Product code: LHKJGR01



Regular Intake of Karela Jamun Gudmar Ras provides major Health Benefits:

1. Facilitates effectual control of blood sugar.

2. Protects the cells from cancer, alleviating leukaemia and helping to overcome other blood-related disorders like anaemia, preventing oxidative stress also protect the cellsfrom distress.

3. Enhances Immunity, by protecting the body from occurrences of serious diseases,safeguarding the major organs such as the heart, liver and kidney.

4. Offers gastro-defensive effects. It accelerates healing of ulcers, especially peptic ulcers and helps soothe the digestive tract.

5. It purifies blood because of its blood-purifying properties and also cures many blood disorders

like blood boils and itching due to blood poisoning. This can be very helpful for people with dyspepsia.

6. Helps alleviate eye problems and improving eyesight.

Dosage -

10 to 20ml twice a day with water or as directed by the physician.


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